Sabatier Stainless Steel Box Grater & Mandoline Slicer Set


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Grater & Slicer Set

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Box Grater with 4 Cutting Surfaces & Non-Skid Base; Plastic Container with Lid to Hold Grated Foods; Handheld Mandoline Adjusts to 3 Varying Thicknesses; Dishwasher Safe; Whether grating vegetables, fruits, cheese, chocolate, or nutmeg, the box grater provides 4 different stainless steel cutting surfaces: coarse, medium, fine, and slicing. The non-skid base keeps the grater steady while in use on a cutting board, and it can also be placed on the included plastic storage container to catch the results as you grate. The container has a 2-cup capacity, features measurement markings for accuracy when following a recipe, and has a lid for storing grated foods in the fridge or a cabinet. The Handheld Mandoline slicer offers 3 thickness settings, and is ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables into even slices, from paper thin to thick. Soft notches on the bottom of the slicer are designed to rest on rims for stability when slicing directly into bowls. The pusher has teeth to grip foods securely while operating the slicer. Box grater
Plastic storage container with lid; Handheld mandoline slicer

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